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The Swiss Oracle User Community connects people in the data ecosystem. We want to provide the community with experience, knowhow, information and project insights to learn from each other. This should be available and affordable for everyone. That’s why we don’t have a membership fee!

Our goals and values!

What we want to achieve

The primary goal of our user group is to connect people and to spread know-how inside the community. We want to make it possible for everyone to contribute and get access to the latest news and information around the data ecosystem. 

Whether you are a student, a junior or senior professional, a researcher, or simply a curious person, you will always be welcome in our community. We strongly believe that a diverse group brings together different perspectives, higher creativity and broader knowledge. 

Free Membership

To allow everyone to be a part of the Swiss Oracle User Community, we don’t have membership fees and never will have.

Community Events

To connect the people inside the community and to spread knowledge, we organize community events online and in person. 

About us


Say hello to our community mascot!

She guides you through our website, our learning content and she presents our newsletters and merchandise.

SORA is familiar with the whole data ecosystem and therefore ideal to make our introductions and content presentations.

She also has her own blog – the SORA Magazine where she shares community content!



A Data enthusiast more widely interested in BA/DW/DS/EPM solutions. An Oracle ACE Director working in consulting, bridging together the business and the technical side. Training delivery, R&D, supporting the Oracle community as other activities.




Working at the development side of the database, her focus are automation and how to build robust database applications. She’s an Oracle ACE and besides working in consulting, teaches at the university of applied sciences.



Works for more than 10 years as an Oracle Database Consultant in consulting companies in Switzerland. During the last years he started doing presentations and sharing knowledge and experiences with the community world wide. For him the best way of learning is exchanging experiences with other people.

Former Board members

They co-founded SwissOUC and were part of the first board, but in the meantime they had to leave the board.



Fan of anything Analytics and Data with a strong background in management and business administration. An Oracle ACE Director who splits his time between consulting, training, coaching and countless community activities.



Oracle Database Engineer and Oracle ACE, open-minded technology enthusiast, constantly learning, who likes to connect with people and loves sharing knowledge experience, and challenges.

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